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Glatt Gallery has been producing pictures (illustrations) of art since the beginning of the years 70. Glatt owns an "ateliê" of litographies, metal and giclée, more than 200 artists have already used the gallery for creating their masterpieces.

Brazil is considered as good as the main cities in the world regarding to comercial printing technique, but it's usage as an artistic expression is very recent.

Nowdays Glatt Gallery stands out in the art market for owning a great sellected groups of artists and masterpieces with different techniques as well as framing which let us maintain quality and quickness in our services delivery.

Offering personal services, during all these years, Glatt Gallery has been collecting cases of success. Serving big hotel companies, Glatt has made large enterprises all of them successfully concluded.
autenticidade e preservação garantidas.
Glatt & Ymagos - - Rua Francisco Leitão, 128 - Jardim América - São Paulo -Brazil - Fone/Fax 55-:(011) 3085-3188